Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre
Preserving ballet's esthetics and standard of excellence
by continuing the innovative heritage of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo

Carrying a family legacy of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo......Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre, announced its formation in September, 2001. Over the past decade, the company has gained a notable following and has grown to become one of the major dance companies within the greater Los Angeles area. Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre attracts first-class talent from around the world, including Russia, Armenia, England, New Zealand, Mexico, Spain and more. Company dancers possess credentials of study and performance from such companies as  Armenian National Opera Ballet, the Bolshoi Theatre Ballet, the Kirov Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and Cirque du Soleil. Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre boasts a large, varied repertoire and produces several major programs annually. Educational outreach programs and
performances to enrich our sponsored youth ballet.

We believe dance is the perfect universal expression of the human spirit. By continuing the innovative heritage of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, we are better able to understand our life stories, which elevates our passion and motivates us to express our true selves..



Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre attracts talents from many
different ethic backgrounds. A company growing locally to inspire the future of classical and contemporary ballet throughout  Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. We are passionate and expressive, made up of a multi generational legacy of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, that passes down
the power of ballet through tradition and choreography. We personify excellence in performance, training, and educational programs that nurture talent and artistic creativity.
Our eclectic and inspiring seasonal performances, both in person and virtually, off entertainment with broad appeal to increase a more diverse audience.


Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre performs captivating ballet presentations and offers engaging educational programs that nurture the talent and artistic creativity within the diverse Southern California Community.